Coin Tunnel


The Coin Tunnel block explorer
The block explorer is api-only, and we do not plan on making a GUI version in the future.

What is a block explorer?

A block explorer is a service that lets you look up transactions on a crypto's network. If I wanted to find some info about a specific transaction, I can look it up on a block explorer.

Why use a block explorer?

You may be wondering "Isn't the whole point of cryptos decentralization?" Well, we don't really have an answer for that. Block explorers severly limit decentralization since thousands of people are using a single service, and not thier own nodes. The benefits of block explorers though, let you use a really reliable service with next-to-zero downtime, without the difficulty of setting up, running, and maintaning your own crypto node.


The block explorer api does not require API keys, though you are rate-limited/slowed down after 3 requests per second.
This block explorer is NOT an indexing service. The explorer does not support getting an address's past transactions for ETH (XRP may have this feature in the future).