Coin Tunnel

Version 2 overview

What changed in version 2
Many things changed in API v2, the endpoint is now /api/v2 and creating transactions is a different process. Responses are now more streamlined, and the search engine is more powerful. Transaction verification and validation is much better, and also increased the security of our customer's data.


Every response now must have these parameters
"status": "ok"||"failed"||"timeout",
"version": "v2",
"coin": "btc"||"ltc"
Every failed response will have these parameters
"status": "failed",
"reason": "reason",
"directLogs": "transaction logs"
"version": "v2",
"coin": "N/A"

Callback interactions

Callback interactions haven't changed that much, but things have changed to make way for future coins
"status": "failed"||"paid",
"txid": "tunnel transaction id" // <- depending on where it failed, it may or may not have a txid,
"note": "Your set note, it can be in any data structure",
"creation": "Time of transaction creation",
"buyerId": "The buyer's id" // <- this changes every time buyer pays
"expiry": "transaction expiry",
"price_in_crypto": 10,
"price_in_usd": 200,
"coin": "btc"||"ltc".
"version": "v2",
"crypto_network_txid": "the crypto transaction id", // can be viewed on block explorers
"archived": true || false